dinsdag 20 april 2010

FOW: StuG III , started assembling the army

About 1,5 years ago I bought my first Flames Of War (FOW) box-set. Having already build some 1:35 British and US kits, my next army would be Germans. It was one of three of my favorites.
Number 1 was Panzergruppe Guderian, number 2 was Panzerdivision GrossDeutschland and number 3 was Panzer Lehr.

Since the available box was the Panzer Lehr, I naturally bought that box. After a few weeks I also bought the rulebook and the armybook (Villers-Bocage). I had an unnatural feeling they might come in handy ;)

In the small hours I made an army-list, and I did that over and over again...
Since I am not a die-hard gamer I eventually decided only to get the models and units I actually like. So I first made a list and then I would count the points. Well the list was really quick made...and the points, well...I don't think I will ever have a game containing my complete 14.000+ points army....

The consequence was that it might take a while before I would have collected all the models from the list since I have to pay for my morgage, food and drink (can't do without), clothing etc. So I announced that I would start building and painting my army the next year.

So now, 1,5 years later, I still don't have collected all the models on the list (I am somewhere between 10.000 ande 12.000 points I think), but I feel the urge to start with my army. I will make a photo of all the models quite soon.

Below 2 WIP photo's of the first models to be painted, the StuG III (G) 's .

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