donderdag 15 april 2010

GK: My latest garage-kit order has arrived !

About a half year ago I bought 2 cheap kits from someone. I didn't knew wat it was about, but they were cheap.

Before I knew it, I ordered (together with some friends) a nice kit as a birthday present for a friend of mine. And I couldn't resist to buy one for myself. It was Homura Ninja (picture at the bottom) bought at hobbyfan.
I liked the kit so much, that I surfed around for more knowledge and more shops. So...I stumbled upon another shop which had even more models in their collection.

And today my latest order has arrived, the Dark Magician.
Now I've only go one kit in pre-order, Ryomou Shimei.

I still don't know which one to paint first.....

Below some pics, From top to bottom;
- Ryomou Shimei
- Dark Magician
- Azul Series Ganner
- Ignis the white
- Homura Ninja
I have to find the other two cheap kits first, before I can post a picture (can't remeber their names)

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