zondag 11 juli 2010

GK: My new orders for July

As I said before, I duly try to order no more than 1 Garage Kit each month.
Okay, I couldn't resist and ordered two kits. 

Marie Mamiya
I was interested before in this kit, but I thought her chest was to much pronounced, so I didn't put her on my wishlist. After a few weeks when I surfed the 'last one' pages on E2046, she reappeared (only 1 in stock left). I did have another look at her, and do think she is classy and stylish. So I ordered her. I did have my regrets about it because I shouldn't buy more than one Garage Kit each month. However, these regrets lasted only about 5 minutes...
The kit has arrived in the mean time and she more beautiful then on the pictures. The chair is included in the kit. I think she will be a pleasure to build and paint. 
Affiliate link (Nudity warning):

Human Mage
Well, this kit was already on my wishlist, but I wouldn't buy her this month if it wasn't for a friend I had to order a kit for. I think she fits well with the magician. I don't like her pose that much, but the face and hairstyle appeal to me. I like her.

Affiliate link (Nudity warning):

Well that's it for this month now.

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