maandag 12 juli 2010

40K: Ork Trukk building part 2, the Chassis

I won't go through the part explaining that one should cut out parts and remove the mouldlines.
I won't glue all of the kit together. I want to create sub-assemblies that I can paint with ease. After the painting I'll glue the sub-assemblies together and then finish the kits with details, weathering etc.

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First I assembled the axles and shafts, except for the one from the engine. I also assembled the fuel tank. Nothing special yet.
Chassis and axles assembled

Test fitting the wheels. This is the first reason to buy two kits. By swapping some of the wheels there is already an individualistic look of the vehicles, the easiest 'conversion' you can make. I didn't glue the wheels on to the axles for painting purposes.
Wheel swapping

Next step was to test-fit the engine, cabin and flatbed (deck). The cabin didn't fit properly, on one side it didn't rest on the chassis, but on one of the straps holding the fuel tank (see image below).
The cabin rests on the fuel tank instead of the chassis (the problem location is circled)

The solution is to remove the rivets on the underside of the cabin (see the circled part in the image), and to file down the top of the strap holding the fuel tank until the cabin fits (less then 1mm). You cannot see anything of the filing after assembling the cabin.
Rivets removed and fuel tank strap filed down (both encircled)

It felt like there were some parts missing on the fuel tank, a fill cap for instance. I made one from the shaft of a choppa. I also made a fuel line from electrical wire (normally used for train modelling).
Added fill cap and fuel line for the fuel tank

Looks ok !

That was the chassis, I will still have to smooth out the moldlines, glued edges and irregularities, but the basic work is done.

Next part will be the building and dress-up of the engine.

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