dinsdag 29 juni 2010

40K: Orks WIP part 2, some pictures

Ah, I made some photo's (well, it were some quick shot's, hope you like them)

No models made yet, nor decided which models to use.

Well, I plainly assembled some Nobz out of the Black Reach box. I still don't know what I'm going to do with the rest.
Nobz on mixed bases

Burna Boyz
I like the Burna Boyz, especially for the fluff (background). I like the story about these arconists, making even other Orks doing 'da burny dance'. The models do not fit very well. According to the GW site, you can twist  the straps, but I don't like to do that. I will make a unit of about 15 Burna's including 2 Mek's.
Burna Boyz on tech scrap bases

There are 4 tankbusta's and one Nob in the box. I haven't got a clue why GW have done this, if you want more tankbusta's, you'll get 4 usable tankbusta's an 1 unusable Nob, certainly no value for money.
I haven't assembled them yet. I'll make the other tankbusta's with some Bits and Forge World parts. No pictures yet.

As I have got enough Loota parts, I am thinking about making some, but haven't decided yet. No pictures.

Well, it's the same story as the tankbusta's. No pictures yet.

Da Choppa Boyz.
I will start with the boyz out of the Black Reach box. I haven't made changes to them, I only tried to keep them all different by varying the pose, heads and arms. The assembly is very straightforward.
I'm making 3 basic units of 20 Orks (18 shown as the heavy weapons aren't build yet). 1 unit will have blue arm bandages with Tyranid bases, 1 unit will have another colour arm bandages with technical scrap bases and 1 unit will have an equal mix of blue and other arm bandages with plain bases. that way I can choose to make 3 untis of 20 (by the different bases) or 2 units of 30 (by the coloured arm bandages)
Boyz with Tyranid bases

Boyz with Tech scrap bases

Boyz with plain bases

Da Shoota Boyz.
Here again some Boyz, but this time out of the battalion box. I also didn't made much changes to them. It will become a unit of about 20-30 shoota boyz.
Shoota Boyz with tech scrap bases

Very 'Ard Boyz (Hur Hur).
I have used the Warhammer Fantasy Black Orcs as 'Ard Boyz. I think they will stand out more than the 'normal' Boyz with some armour plates glued on. I had to make some seriuos changes, especially the helmeted heads (which are huge). I have given them slugga's and some will get 'normal' heads. The poses of the Black Orcs doesn't make them ideal conversion material, but it will do. The unit will be 20 boyz strong including 1 Nob.
'Ard Boyz with plain bases

I like these little critters. I've assembled only 3 of them, but I would like to share the picture.
I will make a unit of 20 Gretching with 2 Runtherds.
Gretchin on tech scrap bases

These belong to the most likable models that GW has made.Altough they have some serious assembly problems, small conversions are quick to make. I would suggest that you buy them per 2, because you can easily swap some parts and make them unique. I will make another thread in which I'll show what I did and do with these vehicles. Here are some 'teasers'.

Ramshackle Trukk's

Fast attack
The models are very nice, but they do not have many easy ways of making them unique. Therefore I have tried to make the bases somewhat unique. I have assembled only 3 until I have decided how to make the rest. I certainly want to make some with shoota's instead of rokkit launcha's.
Defkkopta's maneuvring

Heavy support
I have started to assemble a battlewagon, but I stopped. The kit is too bare. I want to see the interior of the cab. I want to see engine workings. I need to buy a Trukk for parts making the Battlewagon look really good.
I will make 1 plain wagon and 1 showcase model. I have to let it rest until another Trukk arrives.
Battlewagon waiting for parts

Well, that was it for now. Hope to post some progress soon.

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