dinsdag 29 juni 2010

40K: Orks WIP part 1, the stock

It's time for the WIP (Work In Progress) Orks to be shown. I'm creating an army that is supposed to look good instead of being very hard.

I've purchased in the last year a small army and started in my vacation some serious building. So what have I got is this:

  • 1x Codex Orks
  • 2x boxed set Assault on Black Reach, where I have traded one set of Marines for Orks. That would make a total of:
    60 Boyz with choppa and slugga
    15 Nobz
    3 Warbosses
    9 Deffkopta's
  • 1x Battalion box, containing
    20 Boyz (various options)
    3 Warbikes
    1 Trukk
  • 2x Black Orcs (Warhammer Fantasy) (To become 'ard Boyz, because the normal 'ard boy parts are scarce, they don's stand out and, most important, they will hopefully look good !)
  • 4x Loota's and Burna's box, with a total of
    16 Loota or Burna boyz
    4 Mek's
  • 1x Kommando's box
    4 kommando's
    1 Nob
  • 1x Tankbusta box
    4 tankbusta's
    1 Nob
  • 2x Gretchin box
    20 Gretchin
    2 Runtherds
  • 1x Trukk box
  • 2x Battlewagon box with 1 additional upgrade pack.
  • 1x Gretchin crew (Forge World)
  • 1 Ork Bot with Gretchin controller (Forge World)
To be added (purchased):
  • 1x Battalion box.(for Bits and Bikes)
  • 1x Trukk (because its a cool model)
  • 1x Grot tanks (Forge World) (because they are really cool models)
  • 2x Ork Rokkit Launcha's (Forge World) (because Gw doesn't include enough in the kit's)
  • 1x Ork weapon set (because I like it)
That would be enough for a small army.
I think the Orks are very well suited for some conversion projects. Certainly the Trukk is a great kit for both conversions and bits.

In the next part I will show some photo's of the current status.

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