vrijdag 25 juni 2010

GK: My New orders

As I duly try to order no more than 1 Garage Kit each month, I found a loophole in my self-proclaimed limiting way of ordering.....it's called "pre-order" (it doesn't count in the "max one a month"). With E2046 you can pre-order a kit (sometimes pre-paid) and you'll never know when it will arrive.

I have joined the affiliate program of E2046, so I'll also include a affiliation link. If you like a kit I show and want to buy it, you can buy it through my link. In that case you'll support me for I will get a bit of discount on my next purchase if anyone buys through that link.

Well, here are the kits I ordered:

Meiya Battle Suit
This is the first Garag Kit I have ever seen. A couple of years ago I saw it on a japanese website (can't remember the site). I liked the kit then, but didn't gave it much thought of builing it myself. (If you would ask me then if I would ever build these kits, the answer would be "No"...)
So when i saw it in stock I wanted to have it, and orderd it.
It's a nice kit, but you can see it has some more molding flaws (Flash) than the more recent kits. It will be a nice kit to build though.
Affiliate link (Nudity warning):

Ryoufu Housen
I bought her because I like her face and hair (I've included an extra photo of the face). I don't like her underwear, so I must find a way to change that.
I think this will be a beautiful kit to build.
Affiliate link (Nudity warning):

Qiao Yin
I like the way she is dressed. A chinese dress of some sort (with a parrot). 

Some sort of fairy born out of a flower. I even think about getting two of these. I'd like to build this kit as a diorama with some lights build in, then it would be a beautiful piece of decoration.
Affiliate link (Nudity warning):

Asuka in Plugsuit Ver. 2
Again I like the face, hair and expression. This is a naughty version...
Affiliate link (Nudity warning):

Well, these were my last orders. I have already started with the Azul Series Ganner Ver with Heart Shot Bow kit.
I will post the progress on that kit some othe time soon.

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