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Scenery for a skirmish game, Part 1

I'll first explain which materials I have used (so far) and how I've used them. In the upcoming parts there will be more how-to's.
The materials are selected for a desert-like theme. As I never before painted a desert, I had to get some groceries for paint.

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Materials used
Materials used, in addition to the 'normal' materials a gamer has (vallejo paints, detail brushes etc). As I'm trying to make scenery as low-budget as possible with recycled materials, I have bought most materials in a bargain store (Action) and in a DIY store (Hornbach).I'll mention the prices (estimated totals) in Euro's.
The materials are listed from left to right, top to bottom. 
3x roll kitchenpaper (1,50) 
1x household filler (4,00)
1x Bird pearlsand (3,50) - for filling and basing
1x Future floorwax (6,00)  - for diluting paints for washes
3x PVA glue (10,50)
1x Hairspray (3,00) - for rust and wear and tear effects
1x Primer (automotive) grey (2,50) - for concrete effects
1x Gloss (automotive) (2,50) - for sealing
3x Primer (automotive) black (7,50) - for priming
1x acrylic paint 200ml viridian green (2,00) - for green shades in brown paints and washes
1x acrylic paint 200ml middle yellow (2,00)
1x acrylic paint 200ml middle yellow (2,00, not shown) - for blue shades in grey paints and washes
1x acrylic paint 400ml burnt umber (3,50) - basecoat
1x acrylic paint 400ml sienna brulee (3,50) - for rust effects
1x acrylic paint 400ml black (3,50) - for shades in all paints and restauraion of the primer-color
1x acrylic paint 400ml black (3,50) - for highlights in all paints
1x acrylic paint 500ml raw sienna (10,00 - high grade paint) - for midtone desert color
1x fishing line (3,00) for wiring and barbed wire effects
3x cardboard box - for signs and other effects (don't use this brand, its bad for your children)
1x pack of satay sticks (1,00) - for pinning foam and poles etc
1x pack of toothpicks (0,75) - for pinning foam and small poles etc
1x pack of rectangular party-sticks (1,50) - for rectangular poles and signs
1x pack of straws (1,00) - for piping
1x gardners wire (3,50) - for barbed wire
1x masking tape (2,00) - for the chimney
6x caps from bottles (0,00) - for fluid storage tanks
1x cardboard tube (photo-transport) (0,00) - for the chimney
2x caps from drinkyoghurt (0,00) - for aircleaning vents
1x mesh wire (9,00) - for fences
3x foamboard XPS (7,50) - for all the bases

Scissors, sandingpaper, measuring devices, knives, different glues and cheap and simple brushes.
I have also used some tubing from an old tent (not shown) for piping.

So for about 100 euro's I have bought all what's needed to build the scenery.
You may think that it is a lot of money, but most of the glue, paint and materials will not be used.
My estimate is that the genuine scenery cost will be under 50 euro's. That's acceptable when it turns out right.

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