vrijdag 9 december 2011

FOW: Aufklarungs Kompanie, first assembly

Well, I have finally been busy again with FOW.
Early this year I cleared out my hobby-zone and the loft to put all my hobby stuff in the basement (I am renovating my house....for about 3 years now), so I haven't done much with my hobbies.
A couple of weeks ago I played a little game of FOW, which got my interest back in the miniatures.
So, after a few days of sorting the hobby stuff, I found most of my FOW stuff and started assembling.

Well, here are the first assembled aufklarungs SdKfz250's. I am quite proud of these little buggers.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Going strooong ! But now having a pause. Must help my son with his dark eldar and my daughter with her necrons....
    They are both opposing their father by straying off the emperor's path !