dinsdag 13 december 2011

FOW: Panzer Lehr, the inventory with good and bad news

Last sunday at Ronfest, someone asked me how many Germans I still had to complete. Since I have the units I always wanted (and some more), I tought it would be a good idea to make a work list with the miniatures I minimal would have to make for my Panzer Lehr and 101 SS.

After a couple of hours work I completed the minimumlist with the book at hand. In this list only the miniatures which I have and belong to the Panzer Lehr / 101 SS are mentioned and listed.

The good news:
a) I have completed my panzer Lehr list many times, and always wanted to add some more. But now I am satisfied with the list. Ofcourse I still have some small wishes some extra's, but these are overviewable now.
b) At the local club, there is a FOW fanatic organizing FOW games and I'm quite confident he will keep it alive, which hopefully will keep my attention to it alive as well.
c) I have seriously started with building of the army.

The bad news:
Averaging 2 days to complete 1 vehicle or stand (1 day for assembly and 1 day for painting when working in batches) with 380 vehicles and stands to go, I'll need 760 days to complete this army.....
I am hoping to come up with some genius way to speed that up, because I hoped to finish it in one year.

Any good ideas are welcome.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hahahaha, 760 days! No offence, but you're not going to make it in one year.

    Why not start small (1650 points army list) and take it from there, adding units over time. That way, you can play with painted miniatures (just like me, har har har) and it'll keep you motivated as well.

  2. Ofcourse I'll start with a small army list. Problem is that I use another list every battle....

    Just like you ? I remember last Sunday, when playing Saga, there was only one player who played with the bases only.....I can't remember his name, but he had a beard and some great gifts...

  3. I have no idea who you're talking about...

    Why keep changing your armylist? to try new things or to improve it?

  4. Yeah, you have a short memory.....sounds like dementia...

    I'll keep changing my list, because I have trouble to make a good allround list with those expensive germans (and I get massacred most of the games).
    Many opponents have good lists against a standard Panzer army and against Half-tracked army's.
    I have played with both and it's not that satisfactory (big wins or big losses, nothing inbetween). I'm experimenting to get a solid core-list to create a more pleasurable/fun gameplay.
    I'm now thinking building a aufklarungs list.