vrijdag 28 januari 2011

FOW: Counting and Organizing my Panzer Lehr & 101SS SPz Abt

I have started with painting and building of the miniatures, but finding the right parts was a bit of a challenge. I had boxes and blisters everywhere. So I started organizing the parts and counting the vehicles.

Below a photo of the vehicle count. There are still 4 SdKfz 251 in backorder (1 flakvehicle arrived today) and  I forgot to order 1 Kfz68 radio.
The count: 202 vehicles and a lot of parts.
The count is:
37 Unarmoured vehicles (kubelwagen, Kfz11 etc)
54 SdKfz 251 of various types
10 SdKfz 250 of various types
 6 SdKfz 234 Puma
 5 Stug III G
 4 Panzerjager IV
12 Pz IV
12 Panther
10 Tiger
 1 Konigstiger
50 Support vehicles (Flak, Artillery, OP etc)

I also purchased some airplanes, because I used to use Fortress Europe for my army lists regarding the expense of Panzer Lehr in the Villers Bocage book. With Earth and Steel I'll use the Panzer Lehr list again, because of the point reduction.

As I am supposed to have finished my purchases for the Panzer Lehr, the counting made me realize that I want some extra SdKfz 250's and some Puma's. Not because I need them, but because they are so cool.

Next was to organize the parts and men. The stuff lay in different cabinets, some still in blister, other unpacked. I wanted some more storage space, so I wanted to cram as many parts as I could in the boxes.
I tought it would take me an hour or so, the picture below was taken after 2 hours...... A lot of work and still not finished.

the organizing.
The result of the organizing.

130 Panzer Lehr
101SS Schwere Panzer Abteilung

I also started to basecoating in large numbers. I like it. Some 30 vehicles in one go !

Big numbers basecoating.

Next time I will show the armylist.

Till next post.

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  1. Thats looking totally amazing, i'm building up a Panzer Lehr on my own, but your army is a way way bigger :D