maandag 10 januari 2011

Note: Back again with a big backlog

Maybe you have noticed that I haven't updated the blog for a while.

I did run into some problems with my computer and had a busy time at work.
The computer problems are solved and did have a few weeks of relief at work...until now.

Oh, and my girlfriend totally wrecked my car.....

Side view
front view
The airbags did their work

In november she (tried) to drive her sister to her brother. The road was iced, she drove about 90 km/h, the car slipped and eventually hit the guardrail head-on. They got out of the car without a scratch. The paramedics couldn't believe that they were unharmed and they had to remain in the hospital for four hours.
The unfortunatly a total loss....
In the past she nagged me for months to get a station car instead of the Mini. I was very reluctant to get rid of the Mini, because it's a very loyal driver's car.
My Miniii......(sigh...cry....)

Maybe I'll eventually get the better deal.........a Mini Countryman...........(gnagnagna).....

Back on topic.
I'll post the backlog of events and progress in building and painting in the weeks to come.
So...stay tuned.

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