vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Futuristic 28mm scenery with recycled material

(October 2010)

As I had to come up with a game plan for the Ronfest, I quickly had an idea for the game. I planned a futuristic treasure-hunting (a relic actually) game with GW 40K miniatures. In the game I planned, I wanted to use the Space Hulk board game for the treasure-dungeons. I was only lacking an entrance on the surface.

As I am notoriously weak-hearted at throwing away things, I took a time out at the loft (my personal miniature, scenery and 'usable stuff' repository), and found a nice looking obsolete infrared remote control (RC is another hobby).
Using some XPS foam board, a knife, screwdriver, glue and some paint and flock, I did manage to produce 2 very accebtable pieces of terrain in a short time.

Doom lies beyond the entrance !
The top of the RC transmitter with two 40K bases. 
The battery lid (top) and the PCB (front).
Again, the PCB was a 'Scotty, beam me down !"-device.
Before disassembly.
After disassembly.
Till next post !

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