maandag 17 januari 2011

FOW: Pz Lehr Panzergrenadiere, started painting.

As I have my army as complete as I want it, I have started painting my Panzer Lehr infantry. The goal is to finish the army in one year. I don't know whether the plan is realistic. The 14000 pts took me 2 years to collect (a year longer than planned).

I have painted for about 4 weeks now and I am almost finished with the first batch. They are not finished yet, but good enough to show.

Below som pictures of the WIP's.

Almost finished, some flesh touch-ups needed
Zum Angiff !!!
On the photo I noticed somebody forgot to give the NCO a camouflaged Zeltbahn
Three of a kind
The current batch

I am quite happy how they turn out. I had some difficulties getting the colours right. Especially the epaulettes are a pain in the ...

Well I hope you like them.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dude!!! You finally started painting and it looks good!!

    But what the hell is a Zeltbahn?

  2. Yeah, I even like to paint them. They're a bit too dark. I'm still experimenting with the colours, shades and home-made magic wash.
    The next batch will be a bit lighter.

    Zeltbahn is the German equivalent of a part of a tent. An American soldier did have half a tent, so 2 soldiers could make a complete tent. The Germans however had a quarter of a tent, which was also usable as a poncho, and had a specific camouflage pattern on it. The name Zeltbahn was later a synonym for the camouflage pattern. Zeltbahn means literally tentstrip.
    (And they only had a quarter of a tent, because the German Army reconed that half the men would always be awake and on duty. A hot bunk principle).