zondag 23 januari 2011

Tv Camera on modeltrain

(october 2010)

My son has a Marklin railroad for his (and my :) ) hobby. He was frequently lying with his face down the track to watch the trains from ground level. As I was searching for trains with camera's, I found one. Problem was only that the thing had a price of over 1.000 euro's. Well, that wasn't worth it. So, I went to my 'usable stuff repository' (the loft) and found a small 2.4 Ghz security Camera with receiver which my father gave to me for my RC models.

I took an old broken wagon and taped the camera on. After a few rounds I found it satisfying and screwed the Camera on the wagon (together with a taped-on battery).

It works nicely and the children have lot's of fun with it, altough my son tends to play a 'chase' game, where he sets one train at a fixed speed, and tries with the other to get as close as he can only on camera sight. Sometimes that results in a crash. Because the trains are quite expensive toys I regrettably had to forbid that game.

Below some photo's of the carriage and the sight on tv. I still have to connect the camera to my Handycam, so I can make movies of my son's exploits.

What kind of train is that !
All on one carriage.
A bit distorted picture of the tv. (in reality the image  is better.)
A bit colourless picture with artificial light.

Till next post.

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